2 Rooms Contemporary Art Projects

Architecturally oriented artworks and utopian structures designed to restore well-being and invigorate the soul. Artworks by Susan Campbell, Stan Dragland, Mike Gough, Mike Paterson, Margaret Ryall, Stephen Zeifman. Visit 2 Rooms Contemporary Art Projects for further information.

Curated by Catherine Beaudette
9 July – 28 August 2016
Opening: Saturday, 9 July 2016, 3-6pm
Duntara on the Bonavista Peninsula, Newfoundland

2 Rooms Contemporary Art Projects

Artist Residency

From June-July 2016 I will be engaged in an artist residency at 2 Rooms Contemporary Art Projects which is based in Duntara, on the Bonavista Peninsula in Newfoundland.

Duntara’s topographic architecture will form the visual backdrop to drawings which explore various kinds of zoning and demarcation techniques. The project broadens the scope of my current research which investigates signs and patterns of urban intensification as played out on development sites, parking lots, and public sidewalks.