Pop-up Garden Oasis in Port Credit

In order to really feel involved in Park(ing) Day, we need to participate in the experience, to believe in the idea that for one day only, the street really does become an extension of our civic space. We need to experience the diverse range of social applications that public space can offer, to combat the idea that the conventional parking spot serves the automobile only. Social fabric is comprised of space-making activities, similar to those carried out either in the home or at school, for example: making a quilt to cover a parking space (serves as a communal blanket), planting a garden comprised of moveable planters (social gardening).

Garden Oasis (with safety cones) invited the public to reconsider the whole experience of walking down a busy sidewalk flanked by cars. The plants were subsequently relocated to other spots around the Port Credit area.

The design concept makes a statement about urban planning, that ultimately, safety (motorist, pedestrian, cyclist etc) is an issue which concerns the entire community, not just the public authority charged with the task of implementing policies.