Studio #4

By continuing to work in and through the site, I am attempting to resolve the following issues:

  • the degree to which visual culture increasingly attributes a dollar value to trees, both in terms of their energy savings as an environmental resource, and their asset value as a natural resource;
  • perceived tensions around dimensionality: between two-dimensional mapped space and three-dimensional situated space;
  • the map’s remit is to both literally, and sometimes figuratively, flatten my world. My installation reconfigures both the material and visual language that pertain to the site, as an attempt to deconstruct the objectivity of mapping practices;
Fabricating and stamping asset tags with sequential numerals.
A mature tree provides $162,000 in ecological goods and services over a 50 yrs.

LEAF – Local Enhancement & Appreciation of Forests along with five other groups around the province held events to officially launch the newly created Urban Forest Stewardship Network (UFSN) and its website, The network is designed to facilitate an exchange of ideas, resources and contacts for those community groups and individuals in Ontario interested in improving their local urban forest.